ROAD works to protect, support and improve household livelihoods and to revitalize local economies

Knowledge and skills

ROAD works with farmers, entrepreneurs and apprentices to enhance their "know-how" in agriculture, business and the economy. This can increase incomes, improve job prospects and grow businesses. We look forward to support vocational training schools to train students in professions such as electrical engineering, mechanics and agriculture. On graduation we help link students to employment opportunities.

Finance and resources

We hope to work with micro-finance institutions and community-savings associations to increase access for individuals and small and medium enterprises to finance and resources such as credit and investment. We are looking for funds to train and support over men and women who do not have access to banks, to establish and run savings and loans associations. Projects such as this can increase women’s economic independence, and status within the family and community

Access to markets

There is no point in having goods to sell if there is no one to purchase them. ROAD will work to help markets work as well as possible for vulnerable populations. We look forward to help agencies to design and implement emergency programmes that respond to people’s immediate needs while helping local economies to recover

Strengthening institutions

As well as working directly with individuals, communities and small businesses ROAD looks forward to work with governments and non-governmental institutions to improve the business environment. Private and public sector investments are used to improve infrastructure, business processes and market linkages.