About Us

Who we are

Our organization is a non-partisan, non-racial, non-sectarian and non-profit organization founded on the spirit of charity

We also undertakes community and institutional training and capacity building on best practices in community empowerment through civic education and local resources mobilization; integrated project design and planning; implementation; good governance and resource management practices; monitoring and evaluation; transparency and accountability for sustainable development projects and programs impacts.


ROAD’s principals and associates are highly qualified professionals of high integrity who view assignments objectively and who have had both extensive and intensive international relief and development experience spanning over 25 years in policy research and development, relief, rehabilitation and development at community levels.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to build capacity of our grassroots beneficiaries and develop partner institutions in Disaster reduction, Sustainable development, Economic empowerment, WASH, Health, Livelihoods and Food security, Conflict resolution and peace building by mitigating impacts of climate change and promoting transformational development, gender empowerment, needs-based training, Project management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Sustainable impacts.

Our Vision

To be a lead Disaster Risk Reduction, Development, Livelihoods, Food security, WASH Health and Peace building Agency in Somalia, Northern Kenya and the Greater of Horn of Africa region.


Ongoing and Completed