The important thing is to not stop questioning” –Albert Einstein

This wise recommendation represents ROAD’s strong commitment to research, evaluation and learning. This principle of rigorous inquiry and examination guides the way in which we design our programs and deliver our services

Research, Evaluation and Learning

It is our responsibility to fulfill our mission with the greatest possible degree of effectiveness and efficiency. Toward that end, we never stop questioning: Does a program work? Does it work better than another? What is the impact? The viability? The relevance? Can it be improved? How? When? For whom?.

Challenge assumptions. Explore outcomes

More than ever, donors—both large and small—want to understand the exact significance of their support. And while accurate, meaningful measurement remains a challenge, a new generation of researchers has shown that it is possible, and that results can be transformative. ROAD combines research with hands-on day-to-day experience that develops real expertise. That approach enables us to save lives and jumpstart recovery, achieve optimal use of resources, and increase the likelihood of lasting solutions. By investing in research and evaluation, ROAD advances humanitarian aid, developing a long-term vision to answer fundamental questions about what works, and why.

Innovation and Influence

ROAD maintains a dedicated professional Research, Evaluation and Learning (REL) team whose job it is to ensure that we rely on evidence to design and operate our programs. The team develops cutting-edge tools and guidelines that enhance ROAD’s ability to monitor the quality of work and track performance. They build our capacity for sound data collection and methods of analysis, and for demonstrating with precision the impact of our practitioners

Academic Partnerships

ROAD looks forward has formed strong partnerships with researchers at the leading institutions.

Local knowledge and participation leads to better sustainability

Through grassroots campaigns that channel women’s voices about their experiences, we work with partners to reach out to men and boys to change attitudes that foster violence against women. We also advocate with government officials to advance laws preventing violence against women, and enforce policies ensuring survivors’ access to care and legal justice.

ROAD’s work to strengthen local ownership and involvement in the management of projects is a crucial means of sustaining the impacts of these projects.

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