ROAD’s work to build healthy communities and to improve maternal, newborn, reproductive, and environmental health among communities is central to our mission. Working with a range of partners, from village health committees to governments, we help communities rebuild their health systems. ROAD believes public health is crucial for development, both individual and societal through:

  • Capacity build community health workers provide primary and reproductive health care.
  • Our child survival health programs have dramatically cut child mortality.
  • The environmental health program provides with access to clean water and sanitation.
  • Our health teams combat diseases, and other preventable childhood diseases

ROAD’s experts in primary care, environmental health, reproductive health, epidemiology, child survival, and emergency medicine ensure that our programs use cutting edge public health tools in accordance with best-practice stand

Women and children are subject to some of the greatest health inequities in the world. In addition to lack of primary health care, the absence of specialized reproductive health services is a leading cause of death and diseases among women and girls. The reproductive health programs focus on safe motherhood; family planning; control of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; as well as prevention and response to gender-based violence. Within these priority areas, involving men and addressing the reproductive health needs of adolescents are emphasized. We train local health workers and educate communities to ensure that women can access good quality care before, during and after giving birth. The reproductive health programs provide family planning information and services to promote maternal and child health in communities where they work. We emphasize the importance of birth spacing and provide a wide array of contraceptive methods.

ROAD has also strengthened its campaign to control the spread of HIV especially in the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child. Mothers who will be visiting yet to be established maternal and child health clinics receive pre-test counseling, testing for HIV, post-test counseling and treatment. This will result in a decline in the number of HIV-positive children. In addition to a focus on the prevention of HIV transmission; ROAD provides care and support for AIDS patients, including the prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections.

Every year, 11 million children under the age of five die unnecessarily—an overwhelming majority due to preventable and treatable infectious diseases in rural and urban locations all over the world. ROAD combines best practices in child health care with on-the-ground expertise, ensuring that cutting edge scientific concepts are translated into reality in the field. ROAD focuses its efforts on improving the health and nutrition of children under five and reducing child and maternal mortality.

ROAD’s continued campaigns are in:

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns
  • Construction/ Rehabilitation of Community Resource Centers and Peer Education
  • Prevention of water and vector borne diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera etc
  • Hygiene Promotion
  • Support to Orphans and Disabled People

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