ROAD works with communities to protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence and to nurture and develop their potential through innovative education, livelihoods and skills-training programs. Children and youth are extraordinarily resilient. By supporting the next generation we are helping to build healthy and productive societies in the future.

How we Help

  • ROAD provides counseling and services to young people who have experienced disease, abuse, exploitation or loss and separation from their families
  • ROAD trains educators, constructs classroom, and supports schools that are attended by hundreds of thousands of children
  • We provide skills training to young people who have had their education or careers interrupted. More than half of those who receive such training are girls

Violence against women is one of the most widespread of human rights abuses. One out of every three women worldwide will be physically, sexually or otherwise abused during her lifetime. During times of war and conflict, sexual violence is used to terrorize and humiliate women and girls. Survivors often suffer further victimization by family and society. ROAD works to break this cycle of violence by helping survivors to heal, delivering care to victims of sexual assault, and by bringing women together for mutual support. Through innovative skills programs, we help women gain economic independence. In all of our programs, we are committed to the full empowerment and participation of women and girls.

At a glance

  • ROAD provides health care, counseling and safe spaces to survivors of sexual violence
  • Every year we train and educate men and women in ways to prevent sexual violence
  • Our economic empowerment programs increase women’s income and ability to provide for oneself and their family.
  • We work to strengthen national and county laws against sexual violence and the exploitation of women.

Women’s empowerment and protection programs

The consequences of violence against women are debilitating and many: risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, damage to reproductive organs, and broken bones. The psychological and social consequences are equally as devastating, as the prevailing stigma associated with sexual violence often leaves women isolated and increasingly vulnerable. The trauma a survivor experiences goes beyond her own suffering, also rendering great costs to her family and community.

ROAD helps survivors heal and works with communities and institutions to break the cycle of violence. ROAD works hands-on to deliver urgent care and referrals for victims of assault. In longstanding crises, we look forward to provide safe spaces for women to come together for support and to build skills at our women’s centers. And in the aftermath of conflicts, we hope to address the root causes of violence against women by helping them gain greater economic independence and play a more meaningul role in decision-making.

Through grassroots campaigns that channel women’s voices about their experiences, we work with partners to reach out to men and boys to change attitudes that foster violence against women. We also advocate with government officials to advance laws preventing violence against women, and enforce policies ensuring survivors’ access to care and legal justice.

The recovery of communities devastated by war relies heavily on the participation of women and girls. ROAD works to foster conditions in which women and girls not only survive the effects of conflict, but ultimately thrive.

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